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Hello, I have just join this community. I love the smurfs very much. My favorite one as a child was Clumsy Smurf. But I also love the two humans Johan & Peewit. I do like cartoons with them in it. But they were hard to get use to as a child.

I look forward into that movie that they are making.
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So I'm checking some old entries and what not looking for some old smurf pictures.

And I stumble to my very first post which was "Tuesday, October 21st, 2003" Wow.. this community is old.. And I've done nothing but neglect it!

I would really like to update my website some day soon, add new content and what not but alas geocities is being dumb..

I may look for a new host.. or what not!

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Well this communities is been dead for awhile
It needs a jump start!

I have a new account midnight_steph

So that's also me..
And I'm really only keeping this account... because I'm smurfy_steph

and google even says so!!

not that i google myself.. but anyway.. I'm goig to get some pictures scanned for a little visional stimulation!

so be patient!